Choosing the Right Materials for Your Businesses Remodel: A Practical Guide

Every business is no better than the sum of its parts, and when it comes to the building it runs in, that advice is literal. When you’re ready to remodel, you must stop and think about how every detail and change will affect your employees, your bottom line, and the company itself.

This guide will show you the best materials and furnishings to add and help you build the best home for your business.

Why Selecting the Right Materials Matters

The material you pick will make a huge difference, but many business owners are unsure when they start a remodel. Not only do materials change how much the remodel costs, but they also change how your employees will interact with the offices, how energy efficient it is, and how much maintenance you’ll need every month or year.

Selecting the right materials in your remodel could make a difference in whether your company sinks or floats in the long run. Remember to carefully weigh each option and then decide if it will drag you down or not.

High-Quality Cabinetry and Storage Are a Must

Clutter is one of the worst things for focus, drawing the eye away from the task at hand and leading employees to waste time and turn in poor-quality work. Before you do anything else in a remodel, it’s vital that you make enough storage for everything from files and documents to employees’ personal items at their desks.

Working with a high-quality cabinet company, you can build custom cabinetry that will change the face of your business and shift how employees interact with it. Instead of dealing with clutter or struggling to keep track of important items and documents, they can go to a clearly organized cabinet instead to retrieve them.

Companies like Haynes Cabinet Design will even offer quick quotes so you can eyeball how much you might have to spend when you move forward with this project.

Using Natural Light to Help Keep People Alert

Natural light is one of the most important ways we stay away and aware at our desks. Our body’s circadian rhythm is influenced by how much natural light we get in a day, and if we don’t get enough, we can turn listless and low energy.

Introducing more windows to your building will change everything. Remember to use sheer curtains to diffuse the light so it’s not distractingly bright, but enjoy the fact that this will also increase your company’s energy efficiency.

Understand the Importance of Focus

Being able to focus is the most important thing for your employees. Over a third of workers say they waste anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes a day because of focus issues. This is a huge chunk of time that could be holding your business back.

The best way to improve focus is to reduce the amount of noise that ends up in your office. A simple pet falling to the ground is enough to pull everyone’s attention to that and off of what they’re working on. To buffer some of the sounds, the best thing to do is add products like hexagon acoustic panels, which will absorb the sound while also creating beautiful wall art.

Flooring Needs to Be Built to Last

From employees walking on the floors every day to chairs being rolled on it and furniture getting moved on it, you need the best wholesale flooring you can get. Polished concrete has been increasingly popular in warehouse and storefront businesses, but most companies choose to go with a low-pile carpet.

The carpet absorbs sound and mess and can stop the number of distractions that are happening in your office. It’s important that you get a rug that was meant for office spaces since they’ll have to work with wheeled chairs and constant use.

Creating an Inviting Environment is Vital

From gorgeous counters in bathrooms and break rooms to beautiful cabinet crown molding in storage areas, it’s vital that you take the time to add beautiful details throughout the building. Employees who are working in a more attractive environment are more likely to feel valued and secure in their job since it’s clear the company is taking care of them.

Make sure office chairs are comfortable and that even the art on the walls is attractive without being distracting. Although this is a thin line to balance, it’s worth it.

Adding Safety Through Your Design Choices

Safety is a big deal. Not only do you want to avoid lawsuits, but every good employer cares about the safety and comfort of their employees. Adding glass railing on stairs or rooftop spaces and anti-slip step guards are small steps towards a better office for everyone.

Follow all local and national rules and laws that guide your construction toward being a safer and more respectful place for your employees.


Your Business Remodel Should Help Your Business Succeed

There’s nothing as stressful as investing all of this money and time and wondering if it’s going to help your company. If you’re ready to remodel your business and give it the best chance to succeed, use some of these materials for storage and focus, and watch your company flourish.


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