Modular Cabinets Styles in Los Angeles, Orange County, Irvine

modular cabinets in los angeles

Modular Cabinets Styles in Los Angeles

At Haynes Cabinet Design, we strive to make it as simple as possible to design or remodel the kitchen of your dreams. We utilize advanced technology to bring your vision into reality by rendering beautiful 3D imagery of the finished product. We also generate Modular artwork for your project so you always know how your end product will look like.
Unlike other Modular cabinetry contractors, we build all our cabinetry from scratch. As such we control the entire process from initial design to final implementation. If need be, we can also tab outside vendors for parts and other accessories to complete your project.
Now let us discuss the different Modular cabinet options available to you:
Standard Face Frame Cabinets
These are characterized by a frame on the face of the cabinet that is visible in the space between the doors and drawers. The cabinet door is then mounted on the face of the cabinet.
This creates a classic look that, when combined with any of the numerous finishing options available, can be highly Modularized to fit your specific design. Face frame cabinets fit within nearly any style from traditional to modern.
The look of Face Frame Cabinets can be Modularized in a number of ways such as the style of the cabinet door, the portion frame that remains visible between the doors (the “reveal”), and the hardware where concealed or exposed hinges can be used to create the look that you are most attracted to. Nearly endless combinations of these elements allow for nearly any look to be achieved.
Custom Cabinets Styles in Los Angeles
Euro/Frameless Cabinets
This is a more modern design that does not have the front-facing frame that is common in standard face frame cabinets.  With these cabinets, the doors and drawers are mounted adjacent to each other with minimal spacing in between. This has the effect of creating a seamless look throughout the entire space.
One curious factor is the hinges of the doors are totally hidden by the design with only the cabinet pulls or knobs being visible.
Inset Face Frame
This is a Modular cabinet design that is gaining in popularity. The doors and drawers of the cabinet fit within the front frame of the cabinet, creating a nostalgic look that many designers and homeowners are seeking. This design fully exposes the front frame of the cabinet, allowing the full beauty of the cabinetry to show through.

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